Please note that the resources listed below have been included through the generosity of the PIs of their respective laboratories. In many cases, these pieces of equipment are in substantial demand and are scheduled for use for weeks or months to come. Just because these resources are listed here does not mean that others will be able to use them on short notice or even in the near future.

In other words, please respect the generosity of the PIs who listed equipment here and be flexible if you request its use.

The columns below can be sorted by clicking on any of the column heads or can be hidden by clicking on the "X". Click on the name of the contact person to send an email.


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2 Cell Harvester Inotech Biosystems Cell harvester CCIB Chemistry Group Jia Wolfe

3 Chemical Library Spectrum Collection/Microsource Discovery 2000 small molecules Peterson Lab Randall Peterson

4 Chemical Library Diversity Set/Chembridge Corporation 10,000 small molecules Peterson Lab Randall Peterson

5 Colony Picking Hudson Control Group Rapid Pick Automated bacterial colony picker with sealing and liquid dispensing capabilities CCIB Automation Group, Cambridge Tara Thurber

6 Evaporators Labconco freeze-dry system Lyophilizer Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

7 Evaporators Savant speedvac SVC100H Speedvac Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

8 Evaporators GeneVac EZ2 plus Centrifuge evaporator CCIB Chemistry Group Jia Wolfe

9 Fermentor/Bioreactor New Brunswick 110 Fermentor/bioreactor CCIB Chemistry Group Jia Wolfe

10 Flow Cytometry Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur flow cytometer Seed Lab Linda Chun

11 Gene Transfer Devices Amaxa Nucleofector 96-well shuttle system Seed Lab Linda Chun

12 Gene Transfer Devices Bio-Rad Gene pulser Seed Lab Linda Chun

13 Imaging Systems multiple manufacturers Custom intravital Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

14 Imaging Systems Zeiss ID02 Bright-field microscope Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

15 Imaging Systems Olympus BX2 Microscope Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

16 Imaging Systems Leica DMR + TCS NT Confocal scanning w/lasers Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

17 Imaging Systems Maestro Small animal imaging system Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

18 Imaging Systems Hamamatsu Photonics Low-light imaging system Hasan Lab Sarika Verma

19 Imaging Systems LI-COR Odyssey Infrared imager Seed Lab Linda Chun

20 Imaging Systems Nikon Eclipse TE2000 Epifluorescence inverted Seed Lab Linda Chun

21 Imaging Systems Zeiss Axiovert 100M Epifluorescence inverted Seed Lab Linda Chun

22 Imaging Systems Amersham Biosciences Typhoon 9410 Phosphorimager Szostak Lab Pam Svec

23 Imaging Systems Packard Instant imager Szostak Lab Pam Svec

24 Imaging Systems Cellomics ArrayScan Automated 96-well fluorescent microscopic imaging system with Zeiss robotic arm and plate stackers CCIB Automation Group, Cambridge Tara Thurber

25 Imaging Systems Molecular Devices/IXMicro Automated microscopy Haggarty Lab Stephen Haggarty

Web Sites

ACS Chemical Biology
Broad Institute Program in Chemical Biology
Harvard Chemical Biology Graduate Program
Harvard Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard Medical School Wiki
Nature Chemical Biology
RSC Publishing Chemical Biology


Listed below are some software packages useful to chemical biologists. The software is listed along with the manufacturer and web site.
  • WinNonLin
    Pharsight makes a package called WinNonLin for PK/PD and NCA available with academic pricing. Click on the link below for the Pharsight home page.

  • ChemOffice and ChemBioOffice
    Harvard has a license for ChemOffice, and it is available for downloading at the CambridgeSoft web site.

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